You must be able to provide adequate housing, nutrition, and medical care for a reptile. We prefer that you have some experience with reptiles, but we will consider willing learners if we feel you will follow it through. You must meet our conditions for providing a good home; we determine whether or not you meet our conditions by using the information given on your adoption application and your submitted photographs. In general, you must be willing to pick up the animal in person.

If you are outside of the OH-KY-IN tri-state area and can not make the trip please look through rescues and animal shelters in your area. There are reptiles in need of homes nation wide!  For a list of herp organizations arranged by location please visit

First, browse the list to find a specific reptile you want to adopt. You should check back regularly if you don't see what you want, as our site is updated frequently.

Once you find a reptile you want to adopt and that you can properly care for, you will need to submit an adoption application (applications are located at the bottom of this page). We also require you send in pictures of your cage and habitat. Please ensure that your photos show the entire setup, including all cage furnishings and equipment.

It can take up to several days for us to respond, as we receive a lot of applications, but you will usually receive a response within 24-48 hours. We do our best to make this process as speedy as we can, but please be patient as we only have the reptile's best interests at heart. Feel free to submit an application even if you don't see the species of reptile you want, and we will keep your application active and on file for one year. There is no charge or fee to submit an application.



Iguanas, most monitors, and other large lizards need big enclosures. As a rule, aquariums are not acceptable housing for large lizards or tortoises. Applicants interested in large tortoises must have a large, fenced area outdoors for roaming and grazing. Depending on your location and climate, you will likely also have to provide suitable indoor housing for part of the year.

Snakes over six feet need very large enclosures. Amphibians must have a proper terrarium environment to thrive. A 5-gallon tank with gravel in the bottom is not suitable amphibian habitat.

We prefer to adopt aquatic turtles to those who have ponds and water gardens. Only the very largest aquariums are suitable for long-term housing for most aquatic turtles. Outdoor ponds must be secure and contained. For turtles that are not native to your area, you must be prepared to house them indoors for at least a portion of the year.

Native turtles over 4" and native snakes over 18" are micro chipped prior to adoption according to Division of Wildlife requirements. We will implant a PIT tag in native reptiles for no additional charge. It is your responsibility to obtain a permit from the Division of Wildlife which are $25 annually.


Apps for MEDICAL CASES will only be accepted and considered if submitted by a professional with the ability to provide specialized care (i.e.: veterinarians, vet assistants or techs, wildlife rehabilitators, zookeepers, etc).

Only qualified institutions and professionals will be considered for a venomous reptile adoption.

Extremely large (+10') and/or overly aggressive snakes will only be adopted to experienced herp keepers with appropriately sized enclosures. Burmese python, rock pythons, and yellow anaconda cannot cross state lines. Be advised Ohio requires a permit to own a constrictor over 12 feet in length and demands some pretty ridiculous requirements.

Giant tortoises will only be adopted to those with large secure outdoor areas as well as indoor housing.


The nominal adoption fees that we collect are necessary to cover the costs of feeding, supplies, and care of the animals. We attempt to set adoption fees at half of retail price or less.

Please use our online application form to apply to adopt.  If you are unable to use the online application, you can request an adoption application and email it back to us by emailing our Adoption coordinator..


We will adopt out captive reptiles only. Wildlife is not available for adoption.

If you need more information about adopting after reading this entire page, Feel free to contact our Adoption coordinator.





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