Links to care articles for some common reptile species. No need to re-invent the wheel, these experts have already provided this information.  We suggest extensive research into any species of reptile you consider keeping as a pet. There are some reptiles that are very easy to take care of, while others should only be kept by experienced individuals. Please take the time to understand what type of reptile is right for you and make sure you can provide the proper diet and care for the animal!   By linking to these pages, Arrowhead Reptile Rescue is no way supporting or confirming accuracy of the information provided by third-party sources.   


Burmese Python
written by Bob Clark

Ball Python
written by Kevin McCurley

Boa constrictor
written by Melissa Kaplan

Corn Snake
written by Kathy Love

King snake
written by Robert Applegate

Milk snake
written by WNY Herp


Green Iguana
written by Melissa Kaplan

Bearded Dragon
written by Russ Case

Giant Day gecko
written by Jonathon D. Klarsfeld, DVM
Leopard Gecko
written by Ron Tremper

written by Lindsay Pike

Crested gecko
written by Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy


Asian box turtle
written by Al Roach

Red eared & pond sliders
written by Darrell Senneke
Ornate box turtle
written by Ian Jessup

Helmeted turtle
written by Pelomedusa 



Sulcuta Tortoise
written by Tyler Stewart

Leopard Tortoise
written by Jerry D. Fife
Russian Tortoise
written by Tyler Stewart

Star Tortoise
written by Jerry D. Fife


Pac Man frog
written by Joshua Ward

Fire belly toad
written by WNY Herp
African clawed frog
written by WNY Herp

White's tree frog
written by WNY Herp

The following articles are to assist captive reptile owners with some common questions and problems. 

Arrowhead's top 10 common mistakes and myths

There's a lot of bad and just down right wrong information out there
Arrowhead FAQ

Did you know?  Answers to some general and random questions about reptiles and Arrowhead
ARR Nutrition Guide

Nutritional information for all types of reptiles
ARR Climate Guide

A reptile enclosure must be kept at certain temperatures and humidity ranges
ildlife Rehab Resources
Resources and reference material to assist  wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians
Is an Iguana right for you?

Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana) are not for everyone.
Reptile Mites

Very small, but that doesn't negate the fact they are quite a nuisance and hard to kill.
Before you buy a water turtle.

Tiny, and awfully cute. But bear in mind they get much bigger, take up a lot of space, and are EXPENSIVE!
Shedding problems

Shedding problems can be minor or very serious. Read these tips and tricks.

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