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Director: Damien Oxier
Intake Coordinator: Jennifer Ireton
Education Coordinator: Cindy Stark
Webmaster: Jeremy Holtzclaw
Volunteer Coordinator: Kevin Sommerkamp
Training Coordinator: Ashley Houston
Fundraising Coordinator: Lindsay Parker
Adoption Coordinator: Caitlin Stanley

Danielle Braun
Scott Frank
Kate Hammer
Jeremy Holtzclaw
Ashley Houston
Chris McClendon
Alex Wiedeman
Bill Hall
Kevin Sommerkamp
Rachelle Houser
Damien Oxier
Lindsay Parker
Cindy Stark
Connie Watson
Ken Watson
Dot Hurley
Josie Vaughn
Ashley Thomas
Daniel LeSaint
Ashley Frye
Jessica Jordan
Lauren Connolly
Zoey Reilman
Sasha Feldman
Alex Wilson
Jennifer Ireton
Tim Rapier
Angela Rapier
Aimee Rapier
Amanda Rapier
Paul Liebenrood

Tony Seiler
Miami University Wildlife Society


Damien Oxier
Paul Liebenrood
Jeremy Holtzclaw (KY)
Lindsay Parker
Danielle Braun
Kate Hammer
Cindy Stark
Connie Watson
Daniel LeSaint
Ken Watson
Dot Hurley


Assisting Veterinarians

Dr. Bob Dahlhausen
Dr. Paul Levitas
Dr. Stan Hastings
Dr. Erin Tepe

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue only takes reptiles and amphibians! 

Do you need help with other injured wildlife?  For injured wild birds and injured wild mammals, call Second Chance Wildlife 513-875-3433


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