Please be aware that as a rule we do not have time to reply to all the requests to take in iguanas.

We get bombarded with requests to take in these reptiles, and we are simply unable to keep up with the demand. We urge you to continue pursuing alternative means of placement for pet iguanas as we cannot take them. There are simply too many of them out there. We appreciate your understanding and regret that we do not have the resources to take every unwanted pet.



The Ohio Division of Wildlife enacted new rules in 2014 for wildlife rehabilitators prohibiting them from dealing with both injured native wildlife and native pet reptiles as well. This includes pond sliders, some map and painted turtles, and most species that are native to the state of Ohio. Due to these Ohio Division of Wildlife regulations and policies, we are no longer accepting pond slider turtles.  Unfortunately we were forced to choose between helping injured wildlife for rehabilitation back to the wild, or rescuing native pet reptiles for adoption to new homes. Since most injured wild reptiles that come to us are hurt by human beings and their vehicles, construction, habitat destruction, and other man-made factors, we chose to continue helping those reptiles. We regret that state laws and rules impede on our ability to help reptiles in need.

The ODNR Division of Wildlife’s 2014 Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation In Ohio states:
“Persons conducting wildlife rehabilitation shall not barter, sell, or trade native wildlife species.
Wildlife that are being rehabilitated for release back in to the wild shall not be housed at the same location where a licensed commercial propagator is operating.”

Feel free to call the Ohio Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE  to lodge a complaint about ODNR rules and regulations that restrict our ability to help animals.



In 2014 new Ohio laws took effect that prohibit the sale, possession, transport, and ownership of alligators and crocodiles in the state of Ohio. ARR is an exempt institution along with zoos, sanctuaries, and other organizations that the Ohio legislature exempted from these regulations so we could continue to operate and help animals. However, after 20 years of successfully rescuing alligators and transporting them to wildlife sanctuaries in Florida, the Ohio Department of Agriculture decided that ARR is no longer considered exempt to the new law. Due to the interpretations of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, we are no longer accepting alligators and crocodiles.  We regret that erroneous decisions by state agencies which ignore state laws impede on our ability to help relocate alligators and crocodiles to appropriate facilities.

Be advised it is equally illegal in Ohio to move or transfer ownership of your pet alligator, so you are breaking Ohio law just by getting rid of your crocodilian or moving it out of Ohio. What a brilliant law. 

Please feel free to call the Ohio Department of Agriculture Office of Dangerous Wild Animals at 1-855-DWA-OHIO to lodge a complaint regarding erroneous decisions that restrict our ability to help reptiles in need.

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